We are very excited to launch the trial of a digital capabilities discovery tool for learners in higher and further education and skills. The purpose of this tool is to encourage learners to reflect on their own digital capabilities (within the areas identified in the Jisc Digital Capability framework) and what digital skills they may need to be an effective learner in a digital age. We recommend that learners complete the tool with support from their lecturers/tutors and that the process encourages further discussion.


Key dates

This sign up form will open on 6th March and close on 23rd March. We will then choose a selection of FE & Skills and HE institutions to participate. The pilot project itself will run between 2nd April and 31st May this year.


The process will be similar to the discovery tool for staff. Guidance will be provided to the institutional leads on approaches to implementing the tool with learners. We will value your feedback on the use of the tool and views from your learners.

If you would like to apply to participate in the pilot of the discovery tool for learners, please provide your details below.

From Sarah Knight and the Jisc Digital Capability Team


3.3. Where are you located?
4.4. Is your institition a ...
6.6. Please confirm that you are happy to read the online guidance, contribute feedback on the use of the tool, and keep up-to-date with relevant emails and blog posts about this pilot.