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You have been invited to work with us to identify some potential institutional drivers that might lead to or correlate with a positive digital experience for students.

We feel that, as part of the Tracker project, it would be useful to investigate whether there is any relationship between certain inputs (institutional actions or investments) and the outputs (indicators of student digital satisfaction).

We plan to ask pilot institutions to provide us with some driver data when they complete the full Tracker sign-up form, due to be sent out in September 2017.

In this consultation form we suggest a list of possible drivers that we have developed from the research evidence. We ask you to rate them according to how relevant you think they are (how likely to be associated with a positive student digital experience) and separately how accurately you think lead contacts would be able to provide that data for their institution. We need to consider both relevance and accuracy because a driver might be very relevant but it might be difficult to think of a straightforward way of measuring it.

You can also suggest other drivers for us to consider and leave other relevant comments in the free text box below.

We are very grateful for your insights and expertise. We look forward to supporting you with the revised sign-up process from September and with the 17-18 tracker from October onwards.

With thanks from the Jisc Team