The Student Digital Experience Tracker is a survey tool that allows you to ask your students about their digital experience, using a standard set of well-tested questions. The 2016/17 report is now available to download from the project website.

Once you've completed this sign up form we will contact you again with a confirmation form, then create unique versions of the Tracker for you to copy and customise. 

You will then be able to launch and collect data. When the surveys close we benchmark all the data across each version of the Tracker, and provide you with average figures that you can compare with your organisation's data.

UK trackers will close on 30 April, so you must have collected your data before that date.

Non-UK trackers will close on 31 May.

We look forward to supporting you over the forthcoming months.

From Sarah Knight and the Jisc Tracker Team


3.3. Where are you located?
4.4. Is your institition a ...
5.5. Have you used the Tracker before?
6.6. Which version(s) of the Tracker do you want to run? (We will create unique versions of these for you. You can choose more than one version but please think carefully about this question, as once you've chosen you can't change your mind and it takes us time to create each one.)
7.7. Can you tell us why you're interested in running the Tracker? (Tick all that apply)
9.9. Finally, please confirm that, before launching your Tracker, you will read the Jisc Tracker guidance which explains how best to collect enough data to ensure your student sample is reliable and representative, and how to customise and launch your version of the Tracker correctly. (This guidance is to help you colliect valid, reliable evidence on which to base decisions. We want to help you get it right.)